Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scenic Map 1.2.1

I am pleased to announce that Scenic Map 1.2.1 was released today. This is a minor bug fix version. The bug fixes include:
  • You can now pinch to zoom all the way to the limits of zoom.
  • When scrolling east or west past 180 degrees longitude the map will no longer go black briefly.
  • The freeway and highway badges are much improved. You should see more numbered or lettered sign icons on the map.
The Open Street Map data has also been updated. You may notice more buildings or updated roads. As always, please consider joining Open Street Map and making your own improvements. These will help other users of the map and will appear in Scenic Map in the next update.

The next version Scenic Map will be a major update like 1.2. It won't be released for several more months. We know that the updates to Scenic Map are large downloads and many of you own more than one of them (thank you so much!) This is why we don't want to release updates too frequently. The plan is to always release a minor bug fix update after each major update.

Important Notice: The next update of Scenic Map (after 1.2.1) will require iOS 4.2 or higher. This means that the first generation iPhone and iPod Touch will no longer be supported. Please download this Scenic Map 1.2.1 update as soon as possible if you own one of these devices because you won't be able to after the next version is released.
Twin Arrows Trading Post Route 66 Arizona

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