Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scenic Map Needs Your Reviews

If you love Scenic Map and want to help make these apps a success, please write a review on the App Store. Reviews have a direct impact on the visibility of my apps in the store and let other customers know how they can be used. Write about how you use Scenic Map. Perhaps you are a pilot and like to use Scenic Map to plan your flights or to identify features on the ground. Do you use Scenic Map on drives or let your young navigator use the app to tell you the name and height of distant mountains? Did you write to me with a question about the app and get the answer you needed to install or use Scenic Map? Let other people know your stories. Your honest review will help others decide if this is the right app for them. Please also feel free to mention any features you would like to see improved or added in Scenic Map.

As always if you have questions about Scenic Map, please feel free to send an e-mail to scenicmap@gmail.com. I try to answer them all the same day I receive them. It is much better to send me a question first before you put it into a review.

Several users left reviews for Scenic Map 1.3 which claimed that they had lost the 2D map view. I also prefer the 2D view in some situations and took great care to keep this feature when I added the 3D view in 1.3. You can tilt the map easily between ground level first person views, the 3D view and all the way up to the 2D top down view. Just use a two finger vertical swipe gesture. This is the same gesture used to tilt the map in Google Earth. I have updated the documentation and the 1.3 update notice on the App Store to make this more clear. You can also prevent the map from rotating its heading by using the North Up setting in the Map Style panel (tap the cog icon at the top of the screen and then scroll down the options until you see North Up).

The North Up option and the map tilt are saved for each preset. This means you can have some presets be 2D and others 3D if you wish. The preset buttons, which work like the ones on your car's radio, make it easy to select your map appearance before you leave so you can quickly switch between views on a drive without having to take your eyes off the road. You should never try to change the map settings while driving!


  1. I love Scenic Map, I just wish the geographic coordinate system was in the same format as Google Earth, and not in decimal form.

  2. I will be adding Degrees-Minutes-Seconds coordinates in a future update of Scenic Map. For now you can change the coordinates to Decimal Degrees in Google Earth so that they are compatible with Scenic Map. In the iPad version of Google Earth, tap the spanner at the top of the screen to display the Options panel and then tap the Position item to display the Position panel. Tap the third option in the Show position as: section for decimal degrees.