Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mount Saint Helens Zoom

I made an animation of Mount Saint Helens volcano by simply zooming out in Scenic Map Western USA. I found a trick that lets me zoom in or out while I rotate or move the camera. To do this, first be in joystick mode (touch and hold for two seconds to switch to joystick mode). Next I did a small pinch gesture to begin the zoom. I then can release one finger and use the usual joystick gestures. In this case I gave the map a slow rotation while it zoomed out. I did modify the app slightly to allow it to switch zoom levels during the zoom (this feature will be in the next update of Scenic Map). The original animation was recorded at 30 frames per second and 1024x768 but the iPad renders the same animation at 60 frames per second at 2048x1536. I also reduced the resolution of the animation to fit into 720p for YouTube. The sound track is a clip named Spotter from Ghost In The Shell which was the inspiration for the look and feel of Scenic Map.

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