Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scenic Map 1.5.1

Scenic Map and You Need A Map version 1.5.1 is now available for download on the App Store and iTunes. This is a minor bug fix version. In addition to fixing all known bugs, it includes an update of the Open Street Map data.

There are two small new features. The names of waypoints are now displayed on the map and other text will no longer cover up the waypoint icons. When you scroll or track off the edge of the map you will be ask if you want to switch to another version of Scenic Map that covers your location if it has been loaded
Waypoint names are now displayed on the map.
There is also a hidden feature you may like. If you tap with three fingers at once on the map, a short string of text is created in the clipboard which represents the map's center location, scale, course and tilt. You can paste this into another app such as Notes. This text is actually a smart app link. Tapping on it will relaunch the version of Scenic Map you were running and return the map to the way it was when you created the text link. You can even put this text onto a web page. For example here is a link to Scenic Map Western USA showing Mt. Saint Helens:


Copying the link can sometimes take a few tries. I use the three finger tap gesture several times in a row to make sure I have copied the link before I switch into Notes or some other app and paste it in. This is an experimental feature currently and just for fun. Please let me know if you find some good uses for this feature

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