Friday, July 10, 2015

Scenic Map 1.7.2 and 1.7.3

New GPS Center Lock Options

Scenic Map 1.7.2 is now released on the iOS the App Store. As the screenshot above shows, you can now choose Stop Recording Track by tapping on the lock icon in the toolbar. This allows you to start tracking, lock the center of the screen to your current location and stop tracking all from the same button.

The other new feature is in-app documentation. This feature was requested by several users so that they can look up how features of the app work even when they are not online. The in-app documentation is still found at the top of the Settings menu (tap on the cog icon in the toolbar and select Help). This feature is only available in iOS 8 and later. It is a snapshot of the online documentation and will be updated automatically when your device is connected to the internet via WiFi. You can now search the documentation for keywords and then step through the results by tapping the Search button on the keyboard. You can still access other online features such as the tutorial videos.

The two finger 3D map tilt gesture has been reversed to match the one in Apple Maps. This may be confusing at first but consistency of gestures among apps is important. Swipe up with two fingers to tilt the map from 2D into 3D mode. Swipe down to tilt the map from 3D into a vertical 2D mode.

Several of the items in the Settings menu have been renamed to make them easier to understand. Manu bugs have been fixed and the Online Map should load faster and more reliably.

Scenic Map Grand Canyon was updated to 1.7.3 to fix the Alternate Roads option which appears when you enable the Online Map (available with an in-app purchase). Otherwise it is identical to 1.7.2.

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