Download Tips


If you have trouble downloading or installing the app you probably need to free up enough storage space on your iOS device. In some rare cases, you may have some memory corruption on your iOS device. This guide will help you fix the problem. This guide refers to Scenic Map but you should follow the same instructions if you have having trouble installing You Need A Map. Please keep in mind that app developers have no control over the app download and installation process. The whole thing is handled by Apple's software.

Downloading Scenic Map with iTunes

The best way to download Scenic Map is to use iTunes on your computer and then sync it to your iOS device. This is the most reliable way to download and install the app because it requires much less storage space on your iOS device compared to downloading it directly from the App Store. You will also have a backup copy of the app on your computer in case you need to delete it to free space in the future. You can sync it back onto your device, or another iOS device, when you are planning a trip.

Free Memory For Installation

Installing Scenic Map via the App Store requires up to 5GB of free space. When you install the app, the App Store will download a 2GB compressed file and then decompress the app to its full size (up to 2.4GB). Try to free up at least 5GB of memory by performing a sync of your iOS device in iTunes and then deleting apps, songs, videos or other large files. You can restore some of these files after Scenic Map is installed (there should be over 2GB free after the installation).

If you download the app with iTunes on your computer, you will only need about 2.5GB free on your iOS device before you sync the app.

Reset Your iOS Device

If you have enough free space but still are getting errors during installation, a simple thing to try is a reset of your iOS device. This won't hurt anything and often clears up various iOS issues such as stuck downloads or Bluetooth GPS communications. Hold the power/screen lock button and the home button at the same time until the screen goes black and the white Apple logo appears. Once this has been done, try deleting the app if it has already been downloaded and then download it again from the App Store (make sure you 5GB free as noted above) or sync it from iTunes.

Restoring Your iOS Device

If the reset did not solve the problem and you are sure you have enough storage space to install the app then it is likely that there is some kind of storage space corruption on your iOS device. This can be caused by various things like odd bugs in iOS or accidentally disconnecting the device during a sync operation. You should backup your iOS device to your computer with iTunes or to iCloud via the Settings app. You can then restore your device to factory settings and the latest version of iOS with either iTunes or the Settings app. After the device has been restored, you can restore your backup. This method has always solved Scenic Map installation problems for users that reported them.