Friday, October 16, 2015

Scenic Map 1.8

The free online only Scenic Map app has been updated to version 1.8. Since this app has no internal map data it is a small fast download. This allows it to be updated more frequently than the apps with offline maps. 1.8 will be coming to all the apps after it has been well tested and all the major bugs have been fixed.

The big new feature is the Satellite Color option. This replaces the Natural Color option when Online Map is enabled (it is always enabled in the Scenic Map app). The satellite image maps are cached just like the vector maps which allows you to use them when offline. They can be combined with the vector features or displayed on their own over the terrain mesh.

There are also new settings menu options to control the size of the cache. You can select 2GB, 4GB, 8GB or Max. Max will use up to 80% of the available storage on your device for the cache. If the cache gets too big, you can either select a smaller cache size or clear it to zero by selecting Clear Cache.
There are new Land Cover and Large Parks options to let you hide these polygon types. This lets you see the terrain or satellite images when driving through areas which would otherwise be solid green due to parks or forests but still see other polygons.

The Terrain setting has an Auto option which only shades the terrain when using the Satellite Color mode and zoomed out. When zoomed in, the satellite images are naturally shaded. When zoomed out, the terrain shading enhances the detail of the satellite images.

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