Thursday, June 2, 2016

Version 1.8.4 Available Now

Scenic Map and You Need A Map version 1.8.4 is be available for download or update via the App Store. This version is mostly a stability release with fixes for the occasional crashes experienced by some users, jumps in the GPS tracking line, and errors in the map data. The map itself has been updated to the latest version of the Openstreetmap database.

There is one new feature in 1.8.4, the grid overlay:

US Civil Air Patrol Grid in Humboldt County, California
You can enable the grid in the Settings menu. Tap the cog icon and scroll to around the middle of the list and you will find the Grid option with None, Degrees and US CAP choices. Degrees show the latitude/longitude major lines with 15 minute sub steps. US CAP shows the US Civil Air Patrol grid for the continental USA and Alaska.

There is also one feature that has been removed from 1.8.4, iAd support because Apple has discontinued iAds. This means that the stand alone Scenic Map is no longer ad supported. You Need a Map will also gets access to the online maps option as a free feature in 1.8.4.

Unless a serious bug is encountered, 1.8.4 will be the last version that will run on older devices that are not compatible with the latest version of iOS. If you have an original iPad, you will still be able to download version 1.8.4 of the apps even when later versions are released.

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