Friday, April 27, 2012

Scenic Map User Review

I received an e-mail review of Scenic Map yesterday from Mark R that he said I could share on my blog:

Awesome Product

Just wanted to let you know that Scenic Map absolutely destroys any other topo map! You should start posting on the 4x4 sites, as the maps are perfect for off roading. I have an FJ Cruiser and frequently make expeditions into New Mexico’s back country (Jemez, Gila National Forest, Cabezon Wilderness, etc) and did not feel that the topo maps that come with my Garmin 3790 are worth the $80 that Garmin charges for them. They also are not optimized for Garmin displays, so they look like crap and it’s hard to get the big picture of the terrain that your in. I was desperate to find a product that would give me a much more detailed view of the terrain, and BLAM!!! Scenic maps to the rescue. With these maps, I know can scout from the comfort of my couch, the routes that I’d like to make runs on. Basically, it’s a life saver due to the fact, that I know what lies ahead in terms of the ruggedness of the terrain. Please keep up your outstanding work! I am really looking forward to new versions/updates! This summer I’m planning a trip through the Gila National Forest, which will take us through over 150 miles of forest/fire roads, in the remote back country and I have never felt more confident in taking on anything that the back country has in store for me thanks to Scenic Map.

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