Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scenic Map 1.6.1 and You Need A Map 1.6.2

All versions of Scenic Map and You Need A Map are now updated to version 1.6.1 on the iOS App Store.

Scenic Map 1.6.1

In addition to fixing a lot of bugs, 1.6.1 also has a few feature enhancements:

Freeway and highway badges will be much more visible in this version.

You can now set the Track line to Hide, Thin and Wide. Some users prefer the thinner line since it obscures less of the map.

The standard map arrow icon is now used to start tracking and center the map on your current GPS location instead of the old cross hairs icon.

You can now start tracking from the Tracks view. Just tap the arrow in the top right corner.

You Need A Map 1.6.2
This update brings all the small feature enhancements and map updates from Scenic Map 1.6 to You Need A Map.

3D maps are now a free feature of the app.

You can now get all the features of Scenic Map including the BLM Lands overlay and advanced search features as an in-app purchase.

The Openstreetmap data has been getting a lot more detailed over the past year. There are now far more buildings, roads and polygons. The less used US Census maps have been replaced by the extra Openstreetmap details in this version in order to keep the total app size under Apple's 2GB limit.

As always, if you have any trouble with the update, please read the Download Tips section on this site.


  1. On scenic map 1.6.1 with gps tracking turned off, can it track or route down a canyon, a waterway or a river? So I can estimate a canyon hike or paddle trip. Or just straight line?

    1. I am planning manual route editing in the next major version after the one which is nearly ready for release. This is the most commonly requested feature and can be used for many purposes. I want to use it to create routes for drones for example.

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