Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Scenic Map 1.7 Call For Beta Testers

Mt. Fuji and greater Tokyo, Japan

Scenic Map 1.7 is nearing completion and you can try it out early. I am using Apple's TestFlight program to beta test the next major upgrade to Scenic Map before it is released. The big new feature is world wide coverage for every paid version of Scenic Map including You Need A Map when you get the in-app purchase. The map data is streamed from Apple's servers and cached on your iOS device. It is based on Open Street Map and the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data. The quality can vary based on the location.

World wide coverage and a smaller app download have been the most requested features from Scenic Map users. There will be a new app called simply "Scenic Map" which will contain no map data at all. Its download size is much smaller but it can cache up to 2GB (currently) of any location you visit. I have been testing the data streaming on my drives across Nevada with some of the worst cellular data coverage in the country and it seems to work well.

If you are interested in testing the Scenic Map app, please send me an email from the account you use for your Apple ID and I will add you to the beta testers. I can add up to 1000 of them so I don't think I will run out. I will watch for crash logs so you don't need to do anything other than use the app. Feedback is welcome of course but I am not planning to add any additional features before release of this version. I am very interested in any serious bugs you run into though.

Please send beta invite requests from your Apple ID email account to:

Mark Granger

NOTE: Scenic Map 1.7 is now complete and awaiting App Store review by Apple. There will be future beta versions of the app so if you are interested in trying future beta versions, you can send me a request at the address above at any time.

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